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Northrop Grumman


This project resulted in the manufacture of give-away products along with magazine inserts. The piece is a 4 color lenticular of 6.75’’ x 6.75’’ inches, with black printing on the back. We have manufactured this piece using 75 lpi lenticular plastic with a thickness of 18 mil. The effect is a real 3D with a "two" flip effect to demonstrate the airplane’s radar capabilities.The lenticular was then attached to a carrier with fugitive glue and used as a magazine insert. The glue enabled the easy removal of the lenticular from the carrier. The lenticular piece was also designed to be applied to a metal surface, with the help of magnetic strips integrated into the product in the final finishing steps.All of the client’s bindery requirements were met and the cardboard carrier used to do the magazine insert was printed with the Photogram DRIP high definition printing technology for lithographic presses. The carrier used a 10 pt Cornwall C2S substrate, printed in four color process,PMS 286 and with a full Sat