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Kellogg Eggo


In this piece the client wanted 4 different lenticular effects. A “Zoom In” to make the word “NEW” quickly move closer to the viewer's perspective; a flip to show the “Perfect Pour” that alternates with “No Drip Spout”; a 2D / 3D effect to repeat the brand name “Eggo” in a deeper background and finally an animation to show the syrup pouring out of the bottle and on to the pancakes. Our technical department worked very hard to find a way to incorporate all these effects together in order to achieve this astonishing special effect. It was manufactured on 75 lpi lenticular plastic, with a thickness of 18 mil. The backing of the product is laminated with white PET and a coat of removable glue was applied with a liner, in order to use the piece as a POP item on freezer glass doors.