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Dense Raster Image Processor (DRIP)

Since the beginning of full color lithographic offset printing, many different screening concepts have been applied to deal with press imperfections that cause skew and displacement of basic colors relative to each other. While some solutions limited the possibilities of visible moiré effect, they also produced steady cyclic tint and brightness noise and limited dark colors' saturation and linearity.

Now, with the availability of offset presses that have a stable and precise skew as well as Computer-To-Plate technologies, we can provide the printing industry with a new design. In recent years, printing precision and resolution in the lithographic, ink jet, thermal transfer, laser printing and many other types of printing color reproduction systems has evolved to a point that is nearly ideal. Photogram Technologies has developed an updated solution for producing extremely high resolution and color reproduction, which more closely conforms to the printing technologies' actual level of evolution: Dense Raster Image Processor (DRIP).