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Lenticular Applications

Bring 3D, movement & changing images to your prints

Large Format

Murals & Architectural Work

Lenticular printing techniques have recently evolved to the point of enabling new application development for design and architecture projects. Multiple recent trade secrets open new possibilities for architectural design that can benefit of the “wow” effect of lenticular animation techniques. We can showcase moving images, 3D holographic type visual effects and even short video clips in large format mural printing, by combining multiple panels with continuous special effects.

Print Advertizing

In all sizes and shapes

It is now widely accepted that lenticular printing in its various forms adds a whole new dimension to promotions and marketing. A Kodak study provides us with the evidence that lenticular displays stop people in their tracks and have the power to keep the viewer interested for much longer than a conventional printed graphic. According to this study: 

  •  58% of shops customers remember seeing the lenticular display, while only 7% recall seeing one of the traditional 2D displays;

  • When Lenticular was used in conjunction with shops in the Mall, the stores saw sales increase by up to 12%;

  • Consumers were drawn to the shops that had lenticular displays;

  • Shops that had the 3D displays indicated they had a 34% increase of consumer traffic.

Identification Badges

Secure 3D Photo and name Access Cards

Photogram is providing the North American Security Access Control industry with "RFID" type access badge upgrades taking the form of UNCOPIABLE and UNFORGEABLE lenticular 3D picture of your organization's staff members.

Using simple employee pictures from your database, we create within our secured facilities a "hologram" like 3D wireframed version of this picture, transforming a flat 2 dimension normal staff picture image into a 3D model. We then print this image on a special lenticular substrate, creating an UNCOPIABLE and UNFORGEABLE permanent sticker to be applied on existing "RFID" type access badges you already possess. You can receive delivery of these stickers in as little as one business day following upload to us of your staff member picture.

Such 3D photo stickers address the need to lower risks of security breach within secured facilities. It is an upgrade to existing security measures within your organization for visually and physically controlling access to restricted areas.

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