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Lenticular technology can deliver various types of special effects, including:

3D: Some of the image layers will be seen in the background, some in the foreground, and some on the “plane” level. The more elements we have in the design, greater will be the effect. 3D effects are only possible from left to right.

Animation / Video images: Images and sequences can be captured from motion picture films, videos or stop motion photography. A top to bottom animation will provide better fluidity than a side to side animation.

Flip: A flip motion is viewed by tilting a card up and down or side to side. In the case of a poster, when you walk by, the image changes from one to the other. Depending of the artwork and the kind of lenses used, the flip can go to 3 and 4 different images.

Morph: A morph is an image that transforms into another, like a dog that becomes a cat in a fluid motion. To have a smooth transition, the images need to be similar in color, size and shape. We start with 2 images, and we make the transition between them.

Zoom: A zoom effect is when an image goes from small to big or vice versa, to give a feeling of getting further or closer. We only need one image to create this effect.

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Available Options

in print manufacturing

Special effects as described above are all printed in full color on one side of the lenticular plastic product. Backing of the product can also be printed in 4 colors, with different personalization options.

Lenticulars can be mounted on rigid displays, curved, cut in shapes, include holes or tear-off options, magnetic stripes or barcode.

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What impacts costing

And what information you need to supply to obtain a price for your project

Typically, the larger the volume, the lower the price per piece will become, as the initial graphic design of the lenticular project as well as production set up need to be absorbed.

For smaller volume orders, it is possible to lower the initial set up fees by combining different projects together.

Unique pieces can also be manufactured but will need to absorb the initial design fees.

As there are so many manufacturing options, no generic price lists are available. We invite you to contact your Photogram representative for more details on pricing for a specific project or idea, with the following minimum information in hand:

  • Product use;

  • Size of your product in Width and Height;

  • Total quantity required;

  • Type of special effect (3D, flip, animation);

  • Viewing distance;

  • Finishing options (backing color, special mounting, adhesive, personalization);

  • Packaging options;

  • Delivery location. ​

A typical lenticular project can in most cases be ready for pick-up at our production plant within 10 business days from your purchase order date.

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