Lenticular / 3D / Flip / Animation ABOUT US
Having a strong track record in holography / holograms and stereoscopic images, Photogram is the industry's leader in lenticular / High-Definition Dynamic Printing. Photogram’s lenticular is recognized internationally for both its exceptional product quality and impressive achievements.

Our unique DRIP patented technology for 3D lenticular animated printing process has found a diverse range of applications including: Promotion, P.O.P material, publishing, packaging, direct mailings, signage and display, security access cards, business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, (CR-80 format), relational cards that are unique at unveiling “Cryptogram” (hidden/encrypted messages) both on print material or on any type of electronic screen, and more printing medium…

With activities spanning Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia, Photogram is able to assure top quality at highly competitive rates, regardless of size or complexity of the lenticular project. We are committed to your full satisfaction: our lenticular project managers' goal is to understand your needs and exceed your printing expectations.
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